PHOTOGRAPHER   Patrícia Kvasňovská

STYLIST   Nina Ford

HAIR & MAKEUP   Anna Adamíčková


HELÉN is more than a jewelry collection, it is a tool for our customers to create a very own jewelry with symbols, as well as letters or zodiac signs.  

Every piece is modern heirloom, which allows the wearer to express something highly personal. The result could be one-of-a-kind piece with a unique combination specific to them. These pieces tell a story. Your story.

​Collection is named after my maternal grandmother. From grandmother to mother, to daughter  and sister – Strong family bond between female members is very special. Jewelry are an important part of family legacy, pass down through generations and collect stories. They hold so much sentimental value. ​

Unique system brings the opportunity to build your own piece. It is even possible to transform a ring into earrings, necklace to bracelet or add a medallion to every part.


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