Big double-sided medallion


Big double-sided medallion has 3 different variations:

  • Symbol+Symbol
  • Symbol+Letter
  • Letter+Letter  (the products links down below the title)


You can choose from 7 symbols that are represented by the plants – love, health, happiness, strength, womanhood, motherhood and sisterhood to personalize your medallion.


An illustration is given with each medallion with a symbol, there is the explanation of symbolism and the reason for assigning the plant to the symbol.


A special system gives you the freedom to connect medallions with almost any piece of your Helén jewelry.


Polished finish


* The image of the medallion is only illustrative, showing the type, not the ordered medallion.

Each piece is handcrafted to order, please allow up to 1-2 weeks before dispatch.

Slovakia: 4€ / 1-2 working days
Europe: 5€ / 3-5 working days
International: 6€ / 7-14 working days

Packed in a beautifully box that is suitable for gift giving.

Diameter of the medallion is approximately 14.5 mm

Thickness is approximately 2.3 mm